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PRODUCTS PACKAGE $750.00 + GST per day (you will understand why if you keep reading)
It’s time to come up with a new catalogue due to season’s changes, market trends, personal taste, any reason, really, is a good reason. Or you have some awesome new products to pitch. Or you are about to embark in a cross-platform marketing campaign. Splendid, we’d love to work with you and your team!

items package - alex favali photographer
The package includes:
  • full day(s) at your premises (or where the products are located).  Multiply the number of days required by the package cost, so you'll know how much the entire project will cost you. 
  • Bucketloads of photos to a maximum of 50 products per day (close-up, group photos, “action” photos)

The photographs will be delivered to you in a memory stick and will be rendered in the following formats:
  • RGB (good for in-house printing and use on social media)
  • CMYK (perfect for professional printing and to be sent to magazines when requested)

We have decided to go on a “per day” basis” because we do not wish to rush. 50 products require a lot of attention and thought, just the right quantity to keep our cerebral functions at a very good level without the risk of overload.

The “per day” means the photo shoot on location, not the time spent on photo rendering (which is of course included in the price).

Finally a couple of things, usually found in the fine print, but spelt out very clear here with us: You pay for the photos and therefore the photos are yours. We reserve however the rights to utilise these photographs to promote ONLY our photography services. We will also keep a backup of the photo shoot on our cloud in the unfortunate event that your batch gets lost or accidentally destroyed. And we will NOT sell your photos to anyone.

One last thing: it would be really, really appreciated if you could credit “Alex Favali Photography” anytime you send pics to magazines and stuff. As they say, what goes around comes around. The price is based for locations within 200km from Brisbane. Additional travel and/or accommodation fees will need apply for projects outside this radius (worry not, as we do not need the Hilton to rest).
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I do not shoot what it LOOKS like. I shoot what it FEELS like.

I would love to help you with your next project. I have years of experience in professional photography, web design, graphic arts and (nearly) much more.
Please contact me today to arrange a meeting, either in person or via skype. I look forward to hearing from you!
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